Pro Tips: The ABCs of Layering

Layer up to stay out longer

When it comes to cold weather and layering, finding the right balance can be a tricky, especially in unpredictable conditions. But when done correctly, it’s easy to approach a minimalist system that’s still warm and functional. Late season in the mountains can deal you some interesting hands. One minute it will be sunny and the next, […]

Why I Run

I’m not a natural athlete. Far from it, in fact. So far that when I was in kindergarten, I actually flunked PE! I know, right! Crazy. First off, who flunks PE at the age of 5? Secondly, who actually flunks a 5 year old?! But perhaps my first real failing in life was actually a […]

The Perfect Pair Challenge

Try the SmartWool PhD® Run Light Elite--and get a free pair!

The new PhD® Run Light Elite socks are our best socks ever. And you can prove it. On Saturday, April 4th, look for a Perfect Pair Challenge near you. Put your favorite run socks to the test against our newest socks at a participating run specialty shop near you and we’ll send you home with […]