Meet SmartWool Fan Field Tester Kendra Geoffredo

Traveling the World for Ironman Events and Philanthropic Work

The word I keep coming back to is choice. I volunteered as a Peace Corps volunteer (Nepal 2003 and Ecuador 2005-2007). It was through the experience of living and working in poor, rural communities that I began to grasp the concept of choice. I began to see that completely by virtue of where I was born, […]

Cleaning up the River Wild

SmartWool Service Day

Giving back to our community is in our DNA here at SmartWool. That’s why, twice a year, we shut down the office and head out into the community to lend a hand. This year, we partnered with American Rivers to help clean up our local river, the Yampa. One of the last remaining wild rivers […]

SmartWool Service Day

We are fortunate to live in a mountain community and fortunate to work in a place that takes the time every year to try to improve our community. Twice a year we shut the office down and spend the day working as a team to give back. We have built trails, delivered firewood and repaired […]